8 Best Border Flowers For Your Garden

Sturdy evergreen foliage makes dianthus an ideal edging plant. The blue-green, grass-like leaves stand 8 to 10 inches tall year-round, but the blooms are the real draw

Coconut Surprise Dianthus

Spikes of speedwell look lovely poking up along the edges of paths and garden beds in summer. Flowering in shades of purple and blue, with some pink or white cultivars availabl


Catmint is a beautiful border planting with its soft gray-green foliage and many blossoms. These 12–18-inch cultivars make a compact mound by spreading wider.


With its royal blossoms, this ground-hugging perennial welcomes spring. The needle-like leaves is covered in brilliant pink, purple, and violet-red flowers.

Moss Phlox

This easy to grow annual brings vibrant color to shady borders with showy trumpet-shaped blooms opening summer through fall.

Wishbone Flower

There is something romantic about a walkway lined with lavender. The silvery foliage is meant to be brushed against, releasing its floral perfume.

Phenomenal Lavender

Coastal gardeners will love this salt-tolerant evergreen perennial that produces a flush of bubblegum-pink flowers in spring followed by occasional summer blooms.

Sea Thrift

Dwarf morning-glory brightens sunny planting spaces with its summer-to-fall true-blue blossoms. Silvery, soft foliage grows in sweeping mounds that look great over rock-lined edges.

Dwarf Morning-glory