Best Plants For Under Trees – 8 Varieties That Will Thrive In The Shade

Pachysandra terminalis, otherwise known as Japanese spurge, is a tough little plant that will positively thrive beneath backyard trees for shade zones.

Japanese Spurge

Although little, this purple bloomer is noticeable without being as intrusive as the 'larger' version.Vinca minor is a lovely woodland shrub and great for ground cover beneath trees.

Lesser Periwinkle

Ferns are a popular choice for the best plants under trees. Once their fronds unfurl, they create a verdant, jungle-like vibe with their vibrant green tones and textural forms.


Anemone bulbs add a lovely woodland garden feel to a backyard with their delicate flowers in spring, and will cope in dappled shade and well-drained soil just fine

Wood Anemones

Alchemilla mollis is an absolutely invaluable, long-flowering herbaceous perennial.hey thrive as plants under trees due to their ability to survive in dry, shaded conditions.

Alchemilla Mollis

For a flower that will shine out at you from the dark shade, opt for Mahonia aquifolium.his is a smaller variety in comparison to some of the larger mahonias, as it grows up to a height of 3ft and a width of 5ft.


Snowdrops are one of our favorite early-flowering bulbs, offering the first hopeful promise of spring when there's not much else in bloom


If you want to include an amazingly fragranced, winter-flowering shrub in your pick of the best plants under trees, then we recommend Sarcococca confusa.