Things Men Secretly Do (But Never Admit To)

heterosexual men who were in the company of a woman ate 93% more pizza, when compared to men who ate with other men.

Eat More When They’re With A Woman

The monobrow is a thing of the past, and so are caterpillar eyebrows. Whether men admit to trimming their eyebrows to avoid these, however, is a different story.

Groom Their Eyebrows

Without sex, women fall asleep before males. Men's "mate guarding" tendency from prehistoric times is one of several theories.

Only Fall Asleep After Their Partners Have

Men cry often, which is excellent. Not many confess it. Prolactin, which causes emotional tears, is lower in men than women.


Men have a number of erections during the night, but most are not related to being sexually aroused. Sometimes, though, it can happen.

Get Aroused While Asleep

Yes, many ladies do it. It's likely most of us have done it. This one still favors guys.

Cyberstalk Their Partners And Exes

No doubt, males are drawn to their junk like a magnet. Why? Men's private parts sometimes need repositioning.

Touch Their Private Parts Often

Thankfully, we don’t see as many men spitting on the street as we would years ago. But this was indeed a cultural habit among men and a way of expressing manliness.